Owning a restaurant or working in the industry can be a lot of work. There are always so many moving pieces and things to accomplish with almost no time left over to consider how to improve upon what you do and how to actually grow your business. Growing any business especially a restaurant takes time and effort, but time is really the issue here isn’t it. Podcasts allow you to save time by accomplishing multiple things at once, whether it’s driving and learning or working and listening, they’re a great way to have your cake and eat it too.

These days the world of podcasting is a huge one, you can listen to a podcast about pretty much any topic you can imagine. So it should come as no surprise that there are tons of great restaurant-focused podcasts out there that offer insights into how the industry works and what chefs and owners are doing to improve their restaurants. We’ve made a list of some really good podcasts that can offer you perspective on the industry and make you not feel so alone in your struggle to bring the world your great food.

1. Restaurant Unstoppable
This podcast is the #1 restaurant podcast in the world for a reason. Eric Cacciatore is a great host, he’s honest, friendly and inquisitive, he brings in successful restauranteurs and restaurant professionals who really know their stuff and offer invaluable insights. Each guest offers their own perspective of what it takes to be successful in the restaurant industry. The topics they discuss vary but usually revolve around how to lead, manage and market a successful restaurant. Listening to this podcast can surely help a new or exciting restaurateur take their restaurant to the next level.

You can listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Sticher
Website: https://restaurantunstoppable.com/

2. All in the Industry
All in the Industry is a show dedicated to behind-the-scenes talent in the hospitality industry. Hosted and Produced by Shari Bayer of Bayer Public Relations, Shari invites professionals from across the hospitality industry to share their stories and expertise. Shari is a great host who offers a friendly and gentle approach to her questions and makes her guest noticeably comfortable in their interviews. This podcast is unique because it offers fun little segments that she does every episode. She starts off each episode with a PR tip because her background is in PR, she also features a speed round game that keeps her guest on their toes and discusses industry news. She shares her solo dining experience and ends it off with the final question that ties each episode together by having the last guest offer a question to the next guest.

You can listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher
Website: https://heritageradionetwork.org/series/all-industry-r#latest-episodes

3. The Resilient Restaurant by MarketMan
The Resilient Restaurant podcast focuses on the stories of restaurateurs and industry experts as they share actionable business tips, inspirational stories, and real-world strategies on how to survive and thrive during and after the pandemic. Matt Levin offers well thought out inquisitive questions that make each guest think on their toes and come up with hard answers that give the listener deeper insights into the processes that make them successful. Each episode dives into a new and exciting topic that usually revolves around the guest and their relationship to the industry as a whole. Believe me, you will learn a lot from listening to this podcast.

You can listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcast
Website: https://www.marketman.com/podcast/

4. Restaurant Rockstars
Roger Beaudoin hosts this down-to-earth podcast about how to help restaurants become more profitable. A high level of production and straightforward questions helps to make this podcast easy for any level restauranteur. They offer straightforward answers to listener questions and have a great website where you can read show notes from each episode as well as a video version of the podcast for your viewing pleasure. Each guest dives into what their role in the restaurant industry is, what makes them successful as well as offers key tools and techniques to help others in the industry to succeed.

You can listen on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube
Website: https://restaurantrockstars.com/podcasts/

5. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast
Jeremy Julian has spent his whole life in the restaurant technology industry and works well as a knowledgeable host. He really understands the tech side of things which makes it easy for him to ask the right questions to his guests. The conversations on this podcast offer valuable insight into a part of the business that not all restauranteurs may fully understand. It’s fair to say that Jeremy is very much in touch with the challenges and issues facing restaurant operators in the area of technology systems. His goal along with his guest seems to be to bridge the gap between restaurant tech and the restaurant owners that need to be using it to help their restaurants succeed.

You can listen on: Apple Podcast, Sticher, Google Play Music
Website: https://restauranttechnologyguys.com/category/podcast/

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