Sirved offers many ways to help your business stay competitive.

Data Solutions
& Menu Insights

Sirved has access to an array of data and menu insight tools that brands can use to monitor food and competitor trends on restaurant menus. This technology will allow you to analyze over 40 billion data points across 450,000+ restaurant menus.

Market Intelligence for an
Evolving Foodservice Industry

Insights from 36 million online restaurant consumers searching 450,000 restaurant menus from every Canadian and US chain restaurant and operator segment, encompassing quickservice, fast casual, and full-service dining.

Uncover Emerging Trends
& Predict Purchase Behaviour

Get closer to your customer. Learn details about purchase intent, flavour profiles and brand preference.

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Sirved data and menu insight tools allow brands to monitor food and competitor trends on restaurant menus across North America. Sirved has over 450,000 menus and 40 billion data points providing a large scope of menu information organized into an intuitive portal allowing brands to obtain valuable and actionable information on food trends, consumer insights, competitor trends and historical analysis.

Using our proprietary technology and processes we can continue to capture menu information and make updates to our menu database faster than our competition. Allowing us to have a significantly larger sample size of data at a significantly lower cost.

We also offer custom data solutions that are more brand specific. Get a competitive edge on your competition and contact us today to find out more.


We power ingenuity, innovation and insights through tracking restaurant customer's path to purchase from where it all begins: online.

We call this the Digital Door, the consumer’s first touchpoint when starting their foodservice journey.

Uncover fresh insights on consumer behaviour in the $900 billion North American Foodservice industry, right from the moment it begins.


Find geo-specific level detail indexing to identify both menu and chain brand penetration, hot new operator concepts and emerging menu innovation/in demand flavours.

Get detailed information on comprehensive data points on menu item level details including pricing, promotional activity and limited time offerings. Designed to elevate and enhance your go to market strategies.

Our Rapid Response program allows you to ask quick questions to targeted consumers, predefined by consumer segmentations such as chain restaurants, flavour profiles and purchase intent. Get instant feedback for new product concepts, operational changes, brand awareness and any other curious question you would like to ask 36 million online restaurant consumers!

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