This holiday season is no doubt one of the toughest we’ve all had in a long time. Restaurants are still among the most affected by the ever-changing landscape of Covid.  Many restaurants will be closing their doors for dine-in and only offering takeout and delivery over the winter. Unfortunately, many other restaurants will be closing their doors for good.

In this unprecedented time of uncertainty for restaurants, it’s more important than ever to do your research to find out which restaurants are still open over this holiday season.  We’re doing our best at Sirved to keep up with the constant changes to restaurants as they pivot and struggle to survive.  Our team has been hard at work updating our crowdsourcing methods to offer the best information we can find about restaurants near you.  But as you can imagine, no matter how much we work at it, there’s just no way to keep up with the constantly changing scenarios that restaurants are facing across North America. That’s why we’ve been campaigning and asking restaurants that are still open to help us, help themselves by claiming their restaurant so that people like you who are looking to support open restaurants are in the know.  To prove how much we care, Sirved has also been building a 100% free restaurant toolkit to help restaurants advertise on our platform for free and give them any extra tools we can that might help them succeed.

On the other side of things, we’re asking customers, clients, foodies and friends to contribute too.  If you see a restaurant is closed or has new hours or new menus, you can let us know on our website or on our app by clicking “Report Issue” on a restaurant’s page.  This really helps us to fill in any holes that we’ve missed and keep our information as accurate as possible.


During this holiday season of uncertainty, we can all do our part to help keep restaurants alive and serving us delicious food for years to come. In the spirit of giving, we ask that you spend some of your hard-earned money supporting restaurants while enjoying great food in your local area. We all love to eat out and try new foods during the holiday season and now it’s more important than ever to keep searching for restaurants to support.